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The resurfacing and reconstruction of NW 8th Avenue from NW 40th Drive to NW 7th Street was divided into three segments, with Section B and drainage improvements scheduled last.

Sections A and C included removing and pouring selected sections of sidewalk, f-curbs, and driveways; installing a new pedestrian crosswalk with Pedestrian Activated Rapid Flashing Beacons; milling the roadway to various thicknesses; and applying new asphalt with new asphalt striping. The new plan altered the existing striping pattern to remove some of the existing on-street parking to allow for dedicated bike lanes traveling in both directions.

Section B consists of removing all five-foot sidewalks and replacing with new ten-foot sidewalks, installing new concrete medians within the roadway at two locations, reconstructing ADA ramps; and creating new paver medians with ADA ramp truncated pavers.

The project also includes widening approximately 600 linear feet to install a new turn lane at NW 31st Drive and a new pedestrian refuge median and crosswalk. The three new pedestrian crosswalks will feature Pedestrian Activated Rapid Flashing Beacons.

The roadway will be milled to five inches deep with new asphalt emplaced with new asphalt striping. Four new 24 inch RCP culvert crossings with a new stormwater structure will be set and modified to tie into existing stormwater pipes, which will need to be modified for the roadway widening.

Downstream at Possum Creek, the project also includes stabilization and creek repair by using new steel sheet piling and concrete to stabilize the creek bank and bottom around the roadway culvert. Downstream of Hogtown Creek, the creek bed will be excavated down to 84 feet and stabilized. From NW 8th Avenue, Hogtown Creek will be dredged to Elizabeth Creek so that Hogtown may flow into Elizabeth.

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  • Client: City of Gainesville
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